University Sports & Societies

During Freshers’ week there will be a University-wide Societies fair at in central Cambridge, and we will have groups walking over to show you the way. Here, most of the university-wide clubs and societies will be present to encourage you to sign up; you can browse the most up-to-date list of official societies here. Many Societies and Groups are related to subject areas, but many involve sports, leisure activities, religions and beliefs, but also include more esoteric interests such as chocolate, bell-ringing, craft beer and beards.

Pembroke Sports

Alongside the numerous societies on offer, if you are interested in playing sport our graduates can join many of the sports teams, both at Pembroke and at the University level. Cambridge hosts over 100 sports teams not including specific college teams. Pembroke sports tend to be mixed, with undergrads and grads playing in the same team, which provides an excellent opportunity for you to meet others in the College that you would not otherwise have the chance to meet through your course or the GP. There is a sport for people of all skills and if you’ve never tried a sport, you are made very welcome to try it as a beginner! Depending on the amount of time you wish to set aside, you can find a sport and level that suits. If you are very enthusiastic and think you have what it takes to take it all up a notch, you can always trial and join one of the University sports teams to be a University Blue (a Blue is anyone who does a sport at the University level). The GP also hosts regular sporting events and outings, as well as arranging group sports viewings in the Parlour itself. The current list of sports societies can be found below.

Sports ClubsContactCRSiD
Athletics and Cross-CountryJoseph Massinghamjtm44
BadmintonWomen’s Captain: Tabitha Webster
Men’s Captain: Tareq Omer
BasketballAndy Liuzl41
Boat ClubCaptain of Boats: Jenny Hill
Men’s Captain: Bence Kovacs
Women’s Captain: Julia Ruddick-Trentman
CricketSam Beerstb41
CrocketAdian Liusieal826
FootballWomen’s 1sts Captain: Maddy Begg
Women’s 2nds Captain: Izzy May
Men’s 1sts Captain: Robert Wong
HockeyToby Chessertc442
NetballMixed Captain: Harry Palmer
Women’s Captain: Anna Gardner
PoolJack Pearsonjp814
RugbyMax Murphymm2415
SailingTom Kosteletostk520
SquashWilliam Holmeswh328
Table TennisShazril Suhailsbs49
TennisIgor Sterneris473
Ultimate FrisbeeSamuel Clarkesc2101

last updated: September 2022

Pembroke Societies

In addition to those college-wide societies, there are also a number of more local College-based societies set up each year. Some run yearly and others are set up each year. Students are also invited to set up and incorporate their own societies, which can be sometimes receive support from College with things like drinks, advertising and rooms for hosting events. Below are a list of current college societies on record, but these might change as the term begins, societies drop in and out, and contacts change. The following list will be updated regularly:

Societies Contact CRSiD
1347 Committee Amber ait34
Board Games Janell yx292
Gaming Adian Liusie al826
Business Negotiation Hao hh516
Cambridge Girl Talk Nicola, Sophie ns688, scc74
Jo Cox FemSoc Tilly Harrison mfjh3
Music Forum Gideon Lee gml45
Orchard Society Eliza Griffiths ejcg2
PemArt Mairi, Amber, Tobias, Lara mawe3, ajs321, tws38, lbem2
Pembroke Choir Joe jjlb2
Pembroke College Bridge Club Aland hyc43
Pembroke College Bridge Club Toby Chesser tc542
Pembroke College Christian Union Vivi, Felicity vm385, fhw25
Pembroke College Dancesport Team Hendrik Pröhl hp404
Pembroke College Medics and Veterinary Society Maggie Zhang, Alex Hunt zz356, arh93
Pembroke College Law Society Tom Oldroyd two26
Pembroke Debating Cal ch789
Pembroke Gardening Society Verner jvv21
Pembroke History Society Ashlin, Caleb ab2549, cw700
Pembroke Jews Society Maya Edelstein me455
Pembroke Jigsaw Society Quim Baixeras jb2305
Pembroke Players Ellen ejs203
Pembroke Poetry Katherine karr2
Pembroke Politics Jacob Anderson, Lucy Fairweather, Max Clarke ja660, ljf55, mec74
Pembroke Theology Society Prune Corel pvyc2
Pembroke Street Magazine Tilly, Dan mfjh3, dls56
SCOOP George Jeffreys gnj21
Stokes Aalia Adam & Jamie Morley aah39, jsm89
The Panel Tek Kan Chung, Robert Panyi tkc26, rp598
Trumpington Street Orchestra Navyaa Mathur nm681
Varsity Ski Trip Angus ac2288
Wine and Cheese Society Jamie jt704
Winnie-the-Pooh Cal ch789

last updated: September 2022