If you have enjoyed being part of the Graduate Parlour community and want to give something back or help change the GP for the better, why not stand for a position on the Graduate Parlour Committee?

‘When are the elections?’
We hold two elections each year: one towards the end of Michaelmas Term and the other in Easter Term. Half of the positions on the GPC are voted in at each election, as this allows for a fluid transition of knowledge and expertise, with existing GPC members helping new members get up to speed quickly in their positions.

‘How long do the positions last for?’
Typically each position has a tenure of twelve months. Of course, we appreciate that MPhil or graduating students may need to step down before the end of the full year. Don’t worry, this should not discourage you from standing in the elections – everyone can run for a position. For the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, however, we would encourage students to apply, if they staying for the full year, or are already enrolled on a PhD program. This allows them to remain active as long as possible, and ensure the continuity of key elements and know-how critical for running the GPC.

‘How do I apply for a role on the GPC?’
To stand for a position in GPC elections you need to write up a nomination. Simply include the following information on a piece of paper: the position you are standing for; your name; your signature; the name and signature of someone proposing your nomination; the name and signature of someone seconding your nomination. Either give your nomination to the Returning Officer for the elections (usually the current GPC President) or place your nomination in the Returning Officer’s pigeonhole in the Porters’ Lodge.

Your Manifesto
Once the nominations have been submitted and the call for nominations has closed, a short manifesto will be requested from each nominee. Your manifesto should be one A4 page and include a photograph of yourself, so that people know who they’re voting for! Each manifesto will be published on the GP website and posted on the noticeboards around the GP.

On the Sunday preceding the election, Hustings takes place in the GP. At the Hustings each nominee explains why he/she wishes to be considered for the position for which he/she is running in a short speech to the members of the Graduate Parlour. These speeches can be as modest or theatrical as you see fit. The Hustings provides a good forum for each candidate to win support for their bid and explain their vision for the role for which they are nominated. It is also a good forum for members of the GP to ask each candidate about how he/she intends to conduct the role and to tell the candidate what they want to see from that position in the coming year.

‘How do I vote?’
The GPC elections are conducted online. When the polls open, you will receive an email containing a link to the voting page. You will be asked to log-in via Raven and then you will be able to record your votes. All Pembroke graduates who are currently enrolled are eligible to vote and will receive this email. The online polls will be open for a period of 48 hours. After that time, you will not be able to vote, so get in early!

‘When will I know the results?’
The results of GPC elections will be announced at the BA Dinner following the election, and subsequently will be posted on the GP website and conveyed to all members of the GP via email.