Arriving at Pembroke to begin your studies? Planning a visit? The map and directions below will help you get here. You can also check out the College’s advice for traveling to Cambridge.

Arrival from Parker’s Piece Bus Stop

From the bus stop, walk to the other side of Parker’s Piece diagonally to the right. When you reach the road (Regent St.), turn right. Walk along until you reach Downing St. (on your left). Turn left into Downing St. Continue all the way down this road, until you reach Trumpington St. (there is a cafe on the corner called Fitzbillies). Turn left into Trumpington St. Immediately, you will come to a sandstone doorway and a big wooden door on your left – that’s Pembroke!

Arrival from Cambridge Train Station

Come out of the station and walk straight ahead down Station Rd. When you reach Hills Rd., turn right. Walk along Hills Rd. for 10-15 mins. Turn left onto Lensfield Rd. Continue all the way down this road, until you reach Trumpington St. Turn right onto Trumpington St. and continue down the road until you reach the intersection of Trumpington St. and Pembroke St. There will be a big wooden door on your right – that’s Pembroke!